Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pink trees...

Yesterday I spent the day painting at Stoney Beach Studio - it was wonderful as always. We painted with oils on Richeson pastel board. I worked on this and two other paintings that I'll post later this weekend. I also started an experiment putting a coat of gesso on 300 lb watercolor paper then tried starting an oil painting on that but I didn't like the surface at all - it was slippery and the paint didn't want to adhere so I'm going to let that dry and try painting very thickly with the paint on top of that and see how it works.



Mary Sheehan Winn said...

personally, I like gessoed WC paper for a surface. It's also light ot travel with. Very different if you paint on stretched canvas, though.
Very moody painting of the trees.

hissnhowl said...

Thanks for the tip Mary! I'm brand new to oil painting so I appreciate any pointers I can get:)